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HCW Clinic

HCW Clinic

HCW Cervical Cancer and Menstrual health clinic. Not only serving as a centre for educational tertiary excellence, HCW operates a high impact, low cost health care centre/ clinic. HCW’s clinic offers and coordinate the following services to women and families of all ages, castes and circumstances across Nepal:

  • Cervical cancer assessment, screening and examination procedures, as well initial treatment of cervical cancer.
  • Consultation services specific to maternal health and menstruation.
  • Counselling services for the clinic’s patients, specific to trauma, loss, mental health issues and outcomes of clinics services/ treatment.
  • The centre will also look to periodically undertake outreach education tours to remote parts of Nepal to support awareness, knowledge and understanding regarding services/ prevention of cervical cancer as well as menstrual and maternal health.

The HCW clinic has been established to serve the community of Nepal, servicing specifically women of all ages and circumstances from any region of the country. Aiming to provide high quality, safe and supportive medical care within the areas of treatment mentioned above. Our contact details are available below if at any stage you would like to book an appointment, speak to a specialist or undertake a clinic visit.

Cervical Cancer Brochure in English