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About CLCR Nepal

Welcome to CLCR Nepal's Information page

In 2009 CLCR Nepal was established as a registered not-for-profit, non-government organisation and an extension of CLCR Australia and its Nepali educational aid and development activities.Our coordinating office is located in Bafal, Kathmandu on the same site as our major project, Heartland Academy. Through our local office we have the capacity to expand our actions and take on more project activities in an effort to further benefit the Nepali population sectors we aim to support.

Our CLCR Nepal team is made up of passionate Nepalese from a variety of backgrounds that work for the betterment of Nepali children, increasing education opportunities for all in an effort to create a Nepali education sector that is more professional, has a greater orientation towards supporting students needs and is violence-free.

Contacting us at CLCR Nepal
If you would like more information about CLCR Nepal’s activities, would like to engage us in a consultancy partnership or want to make contact with our CLCR Nepal team, our office details are below.

CLCR Nepal’s President and Country Director

Mr. Man Bahadur Ale

Email Address:
Contact No:
977-1-98510 04432

Our Activities

CLCR Nepal’s major priority is to coordinate and manage Heartland in partnership with CLCR Australia and Global Development Group (GDG). We do this via executive management and governance, supported by specific professional development and coordination of overall school events.

CLCR Education Consultancy

The second major activity that CLCR undertakes is the delivery and management of educational consultancy services throughout Nepal. Based upon partnering with Nepali private and government institutions to :

  • Support capacity development via the delivery of teacher training workshops in teaching skill, student behaviour and effective resource use in the class room.

  • We specialise in enhanced school management practices and system implementation via executive mentoring and situational analysis to create better managed schools. We can do this for you!

To support this activity and the broadening of its impact CLCR Nepal operates as the board of Trustee members for our Nepali Educational Trust: ‘The Karuna Trust’. The Karuna Trust was developed in 2014 and successfully transitioned Heartland as a school into this body.


CLCR Team From Nepal

Karan Singh Goyala

HA Principal

Man Bahadur Ale

President of CLCR Nepal

Ram Prasad Poudel

Vice President of the HA's Executive Board

Rahul Bisunkhe

CLCR Nepal Project Manager