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Adopt a Project

CLCR Adopt-A-Project 2024

In today's world of operating a not-for-profit organisation, we have found that there is an over saturation when it comes to asking for donations. Our donors and supporters want to feel that they have given their hard earned money to something that will have long term, life changing benefit. Thus we have formulated the “Adopt-a-Project” set of initiatives, which we have targeted a range of high need tangible items that reflect our approach as an organisation for aid and educational development in our school, Heartland Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal. Our focus fields are:

Below we have listed a number of items, at a variety of costs, that we need within our school. We hope that any donors, whether they be individuals, offices, school P&Cs, SRC’s or organisations, can put their finances (big or small) towards these fundamental projects and know they are changing lives and futures at Heartland.
So come on, have a read of these package options below and adopt one of these projects - it really can change a Nepali child's future forever. All donations are tax deductible, so it's that much more of an incentive.

Please contact us for more:-:
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