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About Us

Introduction to CLCR

The Centre for Learning and Children's Rights (CLCR) is an Australian, international not-for-profit organisation that delivers educational and humanitarian projects in Nepal Through executi ev governance inpartnership with its Australian charity arm(CLCR Nepal),project implementation, skills training/ capacity development and specific programmes, CLCR aims to empower individuals with the skills and opportunities to lead a more fulfilling life.

CLCR's Mission Statement
To provide quality, child-centered, democratic, violence-free educational opportunities to as many Nepali children and young adults as possible, regardless of age, gender, religion, or caste.

Key strategy to achieve this goal
Develop our schools and tertiary colleges, Heartland Academy, Bafal, Kathmandu, and Jagbadi, Palpa and the Heartland Academy Centre for Women, Bafal,Kathmandu into model schools/ educational hubs, where child-centered education approaches result in students achieving excellent academic results.

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CLCR's Educational Impact Tracker Impact in Nepal throughout years of operation-2006-2024

Heartland School students - current
Heartland College students (opened 2015)
Heartland School students - graduated
Heartland School scholarships provided
Heartland School and college scholarships provided
Nepali teachers trained
Women accessed Heartland Centre for
Women’s health care clinic (current)
over 400
People impacted each day by our Nepali projects

Where Your Money Goes

Over 97% of all money donated is spent on education and Health care projects, students, and development initiatives.

CLCR is proud to be a partner with Global Development Group (GDG) (ABN 57 102 400 993) for our Nepali school project, The Heartland Academy (HA) - J537N. GDG is a DFAT approved NGO. GDG takes responsibility for the Heartland project providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating to ensure that the project is carried out to Australian requirements.

As part of our proud partnership with GDG, all donations over $2 in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA to our Heartland projects are tax deductible!

As part of our Community Partnership with Westpac's Our Community online donations scheme(Give Now), you can click on the red 'Donate Now' button at the top of the page to make a secure tax deductible donation to us directly.

Or you can access our CLCR charity bank account details via the Donating to CLCR to link here for a direct transfer.Click here

Alternatively, if you have been off travelling the world and have some loose change and left over currency, via our unique partnership with the group, Left Over Currency, you can donate that via the link below: Click here


Our Team:

CLCR Australia is managed solely by volunteers overseeing the administration, fundraising and project management in partnership with our close to 100 project staff in Nepal and GDG for the Heartland Academy (HA), Kathmandu, Heartland Academy, Palpa, Nepal. As well as the Heartland Centre for Women (HCW), Kathmandu. With on the ground governance from Australia via its charitable arm, CLCR Nepal and our educational Trust body to help support development of our education and health care projects, The ‘Karuna Trust’. In of 97% of all money donated is sent directly to our school and health care projects, it’s students and development initiatives.

Meet the CLCR Australia team who coordinate our three high impact projects in Nepal.